Battery operated electric pallet stacker


•  Lifting height: 1-4m

•  Load capacity: 1000/1200/1500/2000kgs


battery operated pallet stacker, widely used in supermarket, shopping mall, express and warehouse…

        Standard Configuration      

•  Emergecy stop/ Battery level indicator.

•  24V/95Ah lead-acid battery, long use time and long life.

•  Strong structure body and strengthen fork.

Product Description

– Capacity:1000kg/1200kg/1500kg/2000kg, Curtis controller, DC motor
– Electric lifting/driving, rapid, efficient,  limited switch
– 24V/95Ah lead-acid battery, long use time and long life
– Strong structure body and strengthen fork

– Lifting height is 1m-4m, Good field of view for the operator, Small turning radius

– 2 stage mast with free lifting functions can be choose, side shift can be choose

– Emergecy stop/Battery level indicator

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